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How does it work?

Coaching aligned with your business strategy.

ForwardThinks coaching is an entirely confidential, 1-to-1 or team coaching, delivered in the workplace physically or remotely.


We combine coaching with consultancy and mental health support to accelerate your team's long-term professional and personal development, because we know that when your team thrives, so does your business.

FT coaching helps your people identify strengths, achieve goals and reach their full potential.

The results? A high-performing workforce ready to tackle whatever comes their way.


Your people strategy in few easy steps

In the 'new world', managers and HR professionals are spending way more time and focus on employee personal, professional and wellbeing support; even though, in most cases, they don’t have the right professional training or qualifications.

Our coaching team aims to free up your time to focus on the professional development of your people - let us focus on the rest.

Step 1: meet with us to confidentially discuss your mission, vision and quarterly/half yearly growth plans

Step 2: we brainstorm tailor-made proposals for your people support and development. We agree and commit on a starting point and timeline

Step 4: we match the best suited coaches to your organization

Step 5: we organize a launch event to kick things off and engage your designated group of employees

Step 6: we begin !

You receive ongoing support and reporting from our team


What you get with ForwardThinks coaching ?

  • 1-to-1 coaching sessions with a ForwardThinks Coach, available to every one of your employees / or tailor-made to your organization

  • Dedicated coach(es) assigned to your organisation, who will get to know and love your mission and vision, as well as your people

  • All sessions are designed to support and improve employee wellbeing, performance and development and are fully confidential

  • A launch event to kick things off and spread awareness of the program

  • Ongoing support, check-ins and direct contact with our ForwardThinks founder.

  • If you’d like, the opportunity to be part of our journey, as much as we are part of yours!

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