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A note from Roxy :)

As a curious, visionary person, I’ve always been fascinated with other people’s visions of a more sustainable, developed world and how they are looking to achieve that through their products or services. I’ve spent most of my mental broadband envisioning the (near and far) future, based on trajectories of the current world, behavioral patterns, needs and wants, as well as potential disruptive thinking of some of the greatest upcoming leaders. Absolutely fascinating!

I’ve spent most of my ‘career’, working in the direct sales industry, an industry with low barriers of entry and high barriers for long term success. I’ve gotten to understand people’s behavior and performance management quite well, but also the mindset behind a performing human at work. There’s so much more underneath the surface when it comes to people’s psychology, drivers of performance and needs in the new era of work and life. Work life is more blended with private life now than ever; performance at work these days has more to do with our mental clarity, creativity, mental energy and mental performance, then anything.

Mental fitness, even though spoken about it a bit more post-corona, is still a fairly underutilized area of focus for most of us, and potentially the area that is going to make the biggest difference in both our lives personally and professionally, as well as our world into the future.

As a society, we are more purpose driven now than ever before; most of us are lucky to work for companies with futuristic visions, companies that aim to contribute, through their product or service, to realizing a more developed and sustainable world we want to live in, into the near to far future. We join companies and form teams that together have the power and responsibility to fulfill missions that make a huge difference. Yes, we might operate from offices or home now, maybe some of us have shorter hours, or even operate 4 days a week! We no longer operate heavy machinery in the modern work environment, however what we do often requires much more mental energy than ever before.

Modern wellness industry, even though fairly new compared to most industries out there is of course teaching us how to deliberately use simple (or more complex) practices, individually or together, to align our minds with our bodies and give our mind the needed space, rest and quietness it needs to reset and restore.

However, we are STILL very often in lack of clarity; we debate life matters in our own minds, we aim for more rest and work-life balance. Have you ever thought that maybe what we actually really need is connection and pro-active guidance for clarity? Perspective, support, or simply just the old school talking it out!

I believe in making mental fitness and performance at least as cool if not cooler than physical fitness and performance. I envision a world where having a personal trainer/coach to align your mind, goals, performance, happiness and overall thoughts, is cool and awesome! We should be proud of investing in our minds at least as much as we invest in our bodies.

And considering we spend lots of our lifetime at work, I believe in a world where both you and the employer, the visionary, the person that hires you and assigns you with a team and is offering you the opportunity to be a part of their future vision and current mission, have a split responsibility to optimize the best of you. Actually no, not split responsibility – the third element of the trio, which takes at least as much if not more of that responsibility, is ForwardThinks! We want ForwardThinks to be the means we use to reach our potential, personally and professionally, the buddy you wish you had that will enlighten the path for you and walk the path with you to make sure you get the best out of yourself, for yourself and the ones around you; and for a better, more sustainable world.


I'm Roxy

Obsessed with people development and support.

I believe in a work culture where we can bring our full selves to work.


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