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The Heath-Savvy CEO - the CEO that cares about organizational health and people’s well-being

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Employee well-being and alignment becomes the greatest competitive advantage – we want to make it simple and available to every forward thinking leader.

According to Deloitte, the biases as per why some leaders struggle to embrace this are:

1. The sophistication bias: we live in an age where we have come to believe that differentiation and improvement comes from complex software or tech, it may be hard to believe that greatness can come from something so simple and straightforward.

2. The adrenaline bias: becoming a healthy organization takes a little time. In business, we are used to immediate results and ROI; great leaders are problem solvers. So when a problem isn’t apparent yet, it seems hard to slow down and deal with issues that are critical but don’t seem urgent because they haven’t become problems yet! Sharpening the saw takes time, but it is critical to long lasting smooth results.

3. The quantification bias: Fairly difficult to quantify and precisely measure at the start, as it involves many aspects of the company. That certainly doesn’t mean that the impact is not real, tangible and massive; it just requires a level of conviction an

intuition that many overly analytical leaders have a hard time accepting.

4. It has never been presented as a simple, integrated and practical discipline.

We believe once organizational health and employee support is properly understood and placed into the right context, it will become the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.


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Obsessed with people development and support.

I believe in a work culture where we can bring our full selves to work.


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