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Why ForwardThinks

The development & support at work we all wished we had.
The ultimate & sustainable employee perk


Roxy Dat



I envision ForwardThinks to be a sustainable way of thinking a work culture, in action, through people's individual experience.


Reasoning from first principle, people are the foundation of all organizations we build, now and into the future. People matter the most.


Yes, the FT concept may be inspired by my own experiences as a neurodivergent in the workplace, however it is most certainly not about me! FT is about you, about your people, about your family, friends, siblings, about your children entering the workforce. FT is about supporting and developing people in the present, with the future in mind.

I believe investing in people now, will positively impact how the world will look like into the future.

I believe companies should think employee perks from a sustainability point of view: is this durable, is it creating long lasting change and development for my people, is this sustainable for the long run?

If so, that is the ultimate sign that employees are being cared for, both as people and as talent! We want FT coaching to be the ultimate employee perk! Trust and care about your people enough to provide them with a coach that will support them both personally and professionally, will create a safe space for them to develop, so you can together fulfill missions! All this incorporated into work culture and schedule. We want to partner with you, so we can work for your people.


'Coaching' is not a new concept, yet having a personal or professional coach is still perceived as a luxury or a fluff. We respect coaching when it comes to our physical health and performance, don't we? What about our mental performance ?

We believe everyone should have access to developing personally and professionally; we believe developed employees make for better, healthier businesses and desired work cultures.

We are on a mission to making personalized coaching in the workplace the ultimate employee perk for sustainability.

We believe in the person behind the skill, as well as the role they carry within companies.

If a 'company' is 'a legal entity formed by a group of individuals' , we want to take care of the individuals!

We partner up with fully certified and trusted coaches driven by purpose.

We free up time in Managers' and HR professionals' schedule, so they can focus on growth.

All of this is most certainly NOT going to be easy. We may have to 'swim upstream' in order to empower a change in mindset regarding humans in workplace, encourage and redesign work environments.We want to become the support (to people, companies and professional coaches) we wished we had!

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